As a common household staple, vacuum cleaners have been developed as a powerful tool to efficiently lessen the effort involved in cleaning up around for decades. However, in case that you have small space or little clean picking,  lugging with a larger vac around might be turning the easy cleaning into hassle. Some corners cleaning of small space could not be easily reached either. A portable handheld vacuum is developed to meet the small cleaning purpose. In this buyer’s guide, I am intending to share some things you need to consider while purchasing your very best hand held vac, along with top rated hand vacuum reviews on the market in 2018.

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Comparison Table for Best Selling Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

PicturesTitleSpecial FeaturesWarrantyRatingPrice
black-decker-hand-vac-01Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-voltCordless

2 Years



black-decker-hand-vac-02Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum***
3 Years


dyson-dc16-01Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum CleanerCordless2 Yearsrating-03$$$
dirt-devil-01Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum, BD10045REDCordless3 Yearsrating-04$$
eureka-rapid-01Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum, 41ACorded1 Yearrating-05$$

The Things to Learn for Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

  • Weight: The main purpose of hand held vac cleaners is to be able to do a quick cleanup anytime. With that said, they should not be too heavy to the point that they will cause arm strain. Typically, they are about 0.7 kg to 2.5 kg, but most models weigh about 1.5 kilograms. Look for a handheld cleaner that is lightweight with a comfortable or ergonomically designed grip so you can use it for longer periods of time.

  • Capacity: A vacuum cleaner’s capacity pertains to the amount of dust and dirt that the vacuum cleaner can accommodate. Handheld models can usually accommodate a lesser amount of dirt compared to other vacuum cleaners such as the canister and upright models. Hand held vacuums can only accommodate around 0.5 liters whereas canister and upright models can hold around 2 to 3 liters because they are significantly bigger. If you’re cleaning your carpet and floor area, a canister, upright, or robotic vacuum cleaner is more suitable. Handheld ones are perfect for sofas, beds, cabinets, tabletops, car seats, and car flooring.

    The filter is usually beside or above the dirt cup. Some models have a one-touch, easy-clean system for emptying the dirt cup so you won’t have to scrape off the dirt with your hands.

  • Battery Life: The battery life of handheld vacuum cleaners varies. Some cheaper units can only function for 5 to 10 minutes before needing to be fully charged again. Some models can run up to 30 minutes before draining their power. All handheld models are rechargeable and are often cordless.

  • Wet and Dry: Some hand vacuum cleaners are designed to clean up wet spills as well as dust and small debris. If you think you would need to clean up wet spills in the future, choose a unit that is specifically designed to clean wet and dry dirt — otherwise you can cause your unit to short-circuit.

  • Included Attachments: Upon your purchase of your handheld cleaner, you will most likely find around 2 to 3 pieces of detachable attachments but some models include 5 or more. When you’re buying one, you want to make sure that the package includes at least 3 attachments: an extension wand that will help you reach high or far places and corners; a narrow, crevice attachment that will help your device to reach very narrow nooks; and an attachment with built-in upholstery brushes to help you clean your mattress, couch, and other delicate furniture.

  • Filters: Most handheld cleaners come bagless. When the vacuum cleaner is bagless, the device uses centrifugal force to separate the dirt and debris from the air. It then releases the clean air back. However, very minute particles still remain and as a result, bagless vacuum cleaners are not suitable for those with asthma. To avoid this, make sure that your device is fitted with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters. HEPA filters can remove particles that are up to 0.3 microns in the air. The efficiency of HEPA filters are rated as following in ascending order: E10, E11, E12, H13, H14, U15, U16, and U17.

  • Power and Energy Efficiency: Powerful hand-held vacuum cleaners have a higher volt and amp value. Some people complain that their handheld devices are not as powerful as the regular upright or canister vacuum cleaner. The power of the vacuum cleaner will determine its suction strength. Less powerful devices may not be able to pick up small yet heavy objects like nuts and bolts.

    Energy efficiency is gradually becoming a concern. This kind of vacuum cleaner will only function if properly recharged. Charging takes around 20 minutes to 2 hours and can oftentimes consume a lot of power. Make sure that the device stops charging automatically once it is fully charged. If you’re concerned about your utility bills, check its energy efficiency as well. It will be often indicated on the box because it is a selling point of manufacturers.

  • Warranty: Vacuum cleaners are an investment for you and your home because they reduce the effort on cleaning, letting you focus on more important tasks such as work and family life. When buying a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the device comes with at least a one-year warranty. Keep the receipt as your proof of purchase. Warranties usually just cover defects so it’s best not to open or tinker with the vacuum’s parts.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: What Used for?

  • Cleaning Vehicles: Buying a hand vacuum cleaner will save you money from buying a separate car vacuum cleaner. This kind of vacuum cleaner is portable enough to be carried inside the car or stored under the seats. Cleaning the car’s seats and flooring is essential because dust and dirt easily accumulate on those areas. Because the air conditioning in cars is often centralized, the odor of unpleasant particulates will gradually build up inside the car.

  • Removing Pet Hair: Pet hair seems to cling anywhere — to your clothes, beddings, carpet, sofa, and delicate furniture. Having this handheld device will help you get rid of pet dander in a matter of seconds or minutes compared to patiently using adhesives or static. This handheld device is lightweight, cordless, and rechargeable so you can use it to your convenience anytime.

  • Removing Small Messes: Did you accidentally spill something? Then a handheld cleaner is always there to remove the mess. You can use it to tidy up the sofa, living room center table, and practically almost anything around the house in less time and with less effort compared to mopping or sweeping. Just make sure that your vacuum cleaner is designed for wet spills if you’re going to clean up juice, water, and other liquid spills.

Comparison Table for Top Rated Hand Held Vac Cleaners


Special Feature



black-decker-hand-vac-03Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner


2 Years

dyson-hand-vac-02Dyson DC58 Handheld Vacuum CleanerBagless2 Yearsrating-07$$$
dyson-dc59-03Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless2 Yearsrating-08$$$
dirt-devil-02Dirt Devil Classic 7 Amp Bagless Handheld Vacuum, M0100

3 Yearsrating-09$$
black-decker-hand-vac-04Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Hand VacuumCordless3 Yearrating-10$$

Top Rated Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2018:

1. Dyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum

This Dyson DC34 Model is powered by Dyson digital motor that gives the highest suction power over other hand held vacuum cleaners. If you are impressed with 20 volt suction power, you wont be surprised at what performance this hand vacs, powered by 22.2 volt lithium ion,could produce. Although it outputs more suction power, surprisingly, full recharging this cleaner takes three times faster than others.

Another beauty feature for Dyson Hand Vac is its root cyclone technology. Basically, Dyson hand cleaners revolutionize the way of collecting the dirt and dust by spinning the air flow at very high speed.You can refer to Dyson company profile on wikipedia to learn more about cyclone technology. Dyson Hand Vacuum integrated with this technology does not have to rely on bags and filters, so there is no worry on tiny holes clogged up, but just dispose any dust and dirt out of air flow straight into the bin without any suction loss.

Dyson DC34 hand Vac also comes with 2 years parts and labor warranty.Most of customers rate high for its excellent suction power.

2. Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt:

This Black Decker Hand Vacuum is highly rated for its suction power, according to over 700 customer reviews from amazon, as its high performance motor is powered by 20 volt of Lithium ion battery. The difference of suction power could be detected instantly while using this black decker vacs. Although with powerful motors, it does not weaken its mobility, as it is light enough even for years old children to carry on the normal vacuuming task.

If you are using the same Black Decker Hand-held Vacs with non lithium power, it is just time for you to upgrade Lithium powered hand vacs and will never look back. You would be also surprised for how quiet the overall cleaning process is undergoing, using such powerful motor. Another great feature for this model is this vac cleaner could be easily folded up, so that you can conveniently store it in small space. Additionally, the filter cup or bowl of this vacs could be cleaned up by washing so you have much more suction power with empty clean filter for next time cleaning.

This powerful hand vacs is sold with two years warranty and 30 days money back policy, so if you are still worried about other aspects of this cleaners, these terms would guarantee your no loss shopping.

3. Dirt Devil Classic 7 Amp Bagless Handheld Vacuum, M0100

This is the new model from Dirt Devil family and made great improvement on its suction function. This Classic 7 features a 7 Amp motor plus a motorized brush that can well help clean up the embedded dirt and stubborn dog hair anywhere. Additionally, this vac cleaner is equipped with clear dirt cup rather than a disposable bags, which made easier to be emptied according to the sellers claim.

From amazon customers reviews, 135 customers rate it for 5 stars, and mostly happy with its powerful suction and inexpensive price. If you have small cleaning task, like cleaning stairs and pet hair dropped, this portable hand vac could well complete your work without much effort involved.It has a long enough cord, so you have no worry of cord short while cleaning stairs.

This portable hand vac is highly recommended to any home owner with pet. Being with this small corded hand held vacuum, you won’t be annoyed with any pet hair dropped on the floor any more.

To buy a best handheld vacuum cleaner, you need to know what mostly it used for, as one hand vac cleaner give the best cleaning on certain task, but it might not be outstanding while cleaning other areas. A hand vacuum is designed with very unique features and functions, so seeking the one for the best match of your cleaning situation is your choice.